Experience Counts (1982 to present)


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Types of cases I investigate


  • Pre-Trial & Post Trial
  • Murder
  • Murder - Contract
  • Murder - Serial
  • Murder - Cold Case
  • Death Penalty-Guilt/Penalty
  • Organized Crime
  • Human Trafficking​ (Expert court testimony available)
  • Pimping
  • Witness Locates
  • Military Justice
  • ​Police misconduct (Fabricated Facts & Evidence / Excessive Force & Witness Manipulation)
  • Robbery
  • Kidnapping
  • Major Narco cases
  • Street gang allegations
  • Jail & Prison Crimes

Hands on Experience Criminal Defense

  • 435 Murder cases - Criminal Defense Investigation
  • 47 Death Penalty cases - Criminal Defense Investigation
  • 65 Human Sex Trafficking cases (Court Qualified Expert)
  • 30 plus Organized Crime cases - Defense
  • 50 plus Jail & Prison crimes (State & Federal)
  • 2500 Plus felony cases
  • 37 Years of investigative experience
  • 13 years in Law Enforcement (Orange County Sheriff's Dept & Huntington Beach Police Dept.- Southern California) 24 years as a private investigator.
  • University California Irvine, School of Law - Pro Bono criminal defense cases. Four years as the sole contract investigator for the law school.
  • I have a complete understanding of various cultures in diverse communities. This knowledge is essential for a successful Investigation.
  • I have a complete understanding of the homeless communities and their politics
  • I have a complete understanding of how the law enforcement community thinks and functions on the streets. 
  •  I understand the underground economy in low-income areas and non-English speaking neighborhoods. This knowledge is essential for a successful Investigation. 

High Profile Cases

  • Grim Sleeper serial murder case (Los Angeles)
  • Skid Row Stabber serial murder case (Los Angeles)
  • Suge Knight (Death Row records) murder case (Compton, CA)
  • Ed Buck double murder case (N. Hollywood, CA)
  • Timothy McGee 12 murder cases (Los Angeles)
  • John Noguez (Los Angeles County Tax Assessor) Fraud
  • Henry Rodriguez (Exposed snitch corruption at Orange Co. Sheriff Dept)
  • Michael Mejia murder of a police officer (Whittier, CA)
  • Robert Ramirez murder of a police officer (San Dimas, CA)
  • Frank Garcia murder of a Sheriff's Deputy (Long Beach, CA)
  • Deputy F. Gamez charged with murder (Los Angeles CO Sheriff's Dept)
  • Officer H. Solis charged with murder (Los Angeles Police Dept.)

             *All work can be verified by attorneys, judges or below attachments 

On-going Education & Training

I keep up with all the latest law changes and case decisions. I attend attorney level training and education opportunities. All beyond the minimum state requirements for a criminal defense investigation in the Atlanta area by a polished private investigator.

I understand the criminal underworld

 In the past 37 years, I have had an opportunity to have had long and numerous conversations with several convicted serial killers as a criminal defense private investigator. These individuals include Randy Craft, Lonnie Franklin (Grim Sleeper), Bobby Maxwell (Skid Row Stabber) and  Chester Turner. Los Angeles's most notorious killer includes Timothy McGee and the son of Angelo Buono "Hillside Strangler". One on one conversations with 200 plus pimps, Mafia members, cartel members, rapists, fraudsters, thousands of gang members (Bloods, Crips, 18th St., EME members, and MS 13 members, Russian Organized crime members, Asian Organized crime members, B.G.F. ((Black Guerrilla Family)) members, Aryan Brotherhood (Peckerwood) members, Skin Heads, and dirty cops). I have worked on many jail & prison crimes from murder to extortion. I have worked on Mexican Mafia prison gang cases and Aryan Brotherhood cases. I understand the inmate politics and hierarchy structures that exist in our jails and prisons.

Georgia PI License #   PDC 002866 & PDE 051524 

Alabama PI license # 805

Arizona PI License # 1002838 

California PI License # 24807 & 16666